Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What to Wear to an Interview?

The first five minutes of an interview are critical to the image that you want to portray. What to wear? If you are a recent graduate, your professional wardrobe may not be very developed. Male candidates should always wear a shirt and tie-- an ironed shirt that is crisp and and sharp. Taking a shirt to be pressed at the dry cleaners costs about $2 and is well worth it. Candidates that come to an interview with a wrinkled shirt look unkempt and that does not make a good initial impression. If you have a suit, wear it; if you have just a sport coat, wear it.

Female candidates have a number of wardrobe options for the interview. A suit, a jacket and a skirt or a jacket and pants are all suitable for the interview process. If you don't have a jacket, choose your blouse/shirt well that looks polished and has a finished look. Make sure that whatever top/blouse that you wear is not revealing and is professional looking.

Many times you will be taken on a tour of the school at the first and/or second interview. Make sure that you have comfortable, but professional looking shoes to climb stairs and to walk a school building.

If you plan on taking notes, put your tablet for note-taking in a portfolio that you can carry in to the interview with you. These are inexpensive at Target or even at Walgreens.

You are ready to go on your interview!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Cover Letter:
The first view of your application material by an employer is usually your cover letter. When writing your cover letter, be concise! This is your introduction of yourself to the employer and you want them to continue reading the letter, to "grab them" so they want to read more. Your cover letter should be only page and should be strategically written. If you are a recent graduate, find two areas that can highlight your skills and experiences that are pertinent to the goals of the district. If you are a second career candidate, it would be important to highlight that you have finished your education, highlight your work experiences (especially if you have worked in the schools as a paraprofessional) and your dream of teaching. Let the employer know that you have completed the online application and are available for interviews. Double check your letter to make sure that spelling and grammar are correct and that you have the correct employer in the opening. This is your first impression with the employer!!!